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[orbit-dev] Ant bundle requires Java version "=1.8" instead of ">=1.8"

Disclaimer: I have never used OSGi before and am just trying to find out
why the build of a product I am interested in is not working.

Firstly, I am sorry to cross-post both in the (mostly inactive)
community forum (moderated, not published yet) and here.

The situation is as follows:

  ** I need to upgrade a product using Eclipse OSGi bundles.

  ** One upgraded bundle contains Java 11 class files, i.e. I need to
     build running JDK 11+ for obvious reasons.

  ** Other than the compiler recognising the byte code version, I use
     not Java 9+ features at all, my build target is 1.8.

  ** One indirectly required plugin Tycho pulls is Apache Ant from
     Orbit. The concrete version resolved is 1.10.9.v20201106-1946.

  ** According to [1], the Ant bundle requires an exact match on Java
     version 1.8 according to the 'requiredProperties' tag.

  ** I do not understand this restriction, as Ant itself just requires
     Java 1.8+ to run, I use it in other projects with up to Java 16
     without any issues.

Could someone please fix the bundle descriptor to '>=1.8' instead of
'=1.8'? Otherwise neither I nor anyone else can ever build anything
requiring Ant with Java 9+.

Alexander Kriegisch

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