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[orbit-dev] Declaring Build: S20210705204906 (2021-09 M1)

Hello all,

I'm declaring S20210705204906 [1] as our contribution for SimRel
2021-09 M1 [2].

This a composite repository combining a newer build (R20201118194144)
that is based on the last good build from CVS (20160520211859, Neon)
and the latest build from the orbit-recipes master branch [3].

The following changes are new for 2021-09 M1 since 2021-06 :

c365c45 Update reference repository to 2021-06 release.
a854132 Remove ASM 8.0.1
668cad7 Upgrade JaCoCo to 0.8.7
e1170e4 Update org.tukaani.xz from 1.8.0 to 1.9.0
1e71396 Update from 2.8.6 to 2.8.7
38131a3 Update org.apache.sshd from 2.6.0 to 2.7.0
b2d927d Update JavaEWAH from 1.1.7 to 1.1.12

I've also run a script comparing units (and to some extent, their
metadata) between the 2021-06 build and the current 2021-09 M1
repository to be sure about what we're publishing.

=== CHANGED ===
-- IU: 1.0.0.v20210503-0343
++ IU: 1.0.0.v20210626-1113
-- IU: v20210503-0343.logging
++ IU: v20210626-1113.logging
-- IU: 1.0.0.v20210503-0343
++ IU: 1.0.0.v20210626-1113
-- IU: 1.0.0.v20210503-0343
++ IU: 1.0.0.v20210626-1113
-- IU: v20210503-0343.tests
++ IU: v20210626-1113.tests
-- IU: 1.0.0.v20210503-0343
++ IU: 1.0.0.v20210626-1113
-- IU: v20210503-0343.javax
++ IU: v20210626-1113.javax
=== REMOVED ===
IU: 2.8.6.v20201231-1626
IU: 2.8.6.v20201231-1626
IU: javaewah 1.1.7.v20200107-0831
IU: javaewah.source 1.1.7.v20200107-0831
IU: org.apache.sshd.osgi 2.6.0.v20210201-2003
IU: org.apache.sshd.osgi.source 2.6.0.v20210201-2003
IU: org.apache.sshd.sftp 2.6.0.v20210201-2003
IU: org.apache.sshd.sftp.source 2.6.0.v20210201-2003
IU: org.jacoco.agent 0.8.6.v20201001-1506
IU: org.jacoco.agent.source 0.8.6.v20201001-1506
IU: org.jacoco.core 0.8.6.v20201001-1506
IU: org.jacoco.core.source 0.8.6.v20201001-1506
IU: 0.8.6.v20201001-1506
IU: 0.8.6.v20201001-1506
IU: org.objectweb.asm 8.0.1.v20200420-1007
IU: org.objectweb.asm.analysis 8.0.1.v20200420-1007
IU: org.objectweb.asm.analysis.source 8.0.1.v20200420-1007
IU: org.objectweb.asm.commons 8.0.1.v20200420-1007
IU: org.objectweb.asm.commons.source 8.0.1.v20200420-1007
IU: org.objectweb.asm.source 8.0.1.v20200420-1007
IU: org.objectweb.asm.tree 8.0.1.v20200420-1007
IU: org.objectweb.asm.tree.source 8.0.1.v20200420-1007
IU: org.objectweb.asm.util 8.0.1.v20200420-1007
IU: org.objectweb.asm.util.source 8.0.1.v20200420-1007
IU: org.tukaani.xz 1.8.0.v20180207-1613
IU: org.tukaani.xz.source 1.8.0.v20180207-1613
IU: v20210503-0343.Default
IU: v20210503-0343.all 1.0.0.FL8M7nQcCQHfEcLUJEEMZjbeXYKKhxlQ3_Cq
IU: v20210503-0343.apache 1.0.0.EDREnkECEcLFqIEL-Ze6Si_c-whDBhB
IU: 1.0.0.BNEG3YnbqwcKVHIEFZKhPMNddNXkz0yy6
IU: v20210503-0343.json
=== ADDED ===
IU: 2.8.7.v20210624-1215
IU: 2.8.7.v20210624-1215
IU: javaewah 1.1.12.v20210622-2206
IU: javaewah.source 1.1.12.v20210622-2206
IU: org.apache.sshd.osgi 2.7.0.v20210623-0618
IU: org.apache.sshd.osgi.source 2.7.0.v20210623-0618
IU: org.apache.sshd.sftp 2.7.0.v20210623-0618
IU: org.apache.sshd.sftp.source 2.7.0.v20210623-0618
IU: org.jacoco.agent 0.8.7.v20210625-1418
IU: org.jacoco.agent.source 0.8.7.v20210625-1418
IU: org.jacoco.core 0.8.7.v20210625-1418
IU: org.jacoco.core.source 0.8.7.v20210625-1418
IU: 0.8.7.v20210625-1418
IU: 0.8.7.v20210625-1418
IU: org.tukaani.xz 1.9.0.v20210624-1259
IU: org.tukaani.xz.source 1.9.0.v20210624-1259
IU: v20210626-1113.Default
IU: v20210626-1113.all 1.0.0.FHHM7ZycCPfC7cLZadkMZ3Qo5G1otbEhTLn9
IU: v20210626-1113.apache 1.0.0.ECFEisE_gcKzh7-KSnOz-H4y4-S5sl_Z
IU: 1.0.0.BVEGYYnbrMcKVHIEFd5xXcZm7dvpAC8X
IU: v20210626-1113.json

Roland Grunberg


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