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Re: [orbit-dev] Adding/Contributing Hamcrest 2.x to Orbit

On Mon, Jun 28, 2021 at 11:26 AM Duc Nguyen Nhu <duc.nguyen.nhu@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:



in scope of my companies work we want to use Hamcrest 2.x in our automated tests. Since Hamcrest 1.3 is already existing in the Orbit we thought that it would be a good idea to also have Hamcrest 2.x in the Orbit.

So, first of all I wanted to ask if there is already any intention or an Issue for adding Hamcrest 2.x to the Orbit?


If not, we would also be fine with contributing it ourselves to the Orbit. Since it’s my very first time contributing all the information where to register and which forms to be filled out are a bit overwhelming for me.

So that’s why I’m reaching out for you for verifying my way to go in case we contribute ourselves:


  1. Create Eclipse Account
  2. Sign the Eclipse Contributor Agreement
  3. Fill in and sign membership documents from here:
  4. Create an IPZilla Issue for adding Hamcrest 2.2
  5. Add Hamcrest 2.2 bundles and create pull request

Orbit uses Gerrit [1] not github. Clone the repository using the command given here
and push the change for review:

git push origin HEAD:refs/for/master

See the readme [2] for getting started on how to add another recipe to Orbit.
Find details about how to seek approval for adding a new 3rd party library in the project handbook [3].


It would be nice if you could help me out by verifying that I’m on the right way or if there are any plans regarding Hamcrest 2.x. 😊

Thanks in advance.

All the best.


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