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[orbit-dev] Problem with com.github.jnr.posix provided through Orbit

Hey there,

I've already written to Tony Homer about this as he was referenced
as Orbit Contact for this package but since he's currently not actively
participating in Orbit he asked me to ask for assistance on the mailing

I've ran into an error also described here while
developing an Eclipse IDE plug-in.

I'm using
The OSGI Bundle version provided by the Eclipse Orbit
doesn't seem to have working native POSIX support.
The suggested fix in the GitHub issue with
`DynamicImport-Package: *` doesn't work for me.

My code:

	POSIX posix = POSIXFactory.getNativePOSIX();
	posix.setenv("IDE", "ECLIPSE", 1);

When I'm running the same code in a Gradle project on the same machine
it just works.

Is this something that has to fixed upstream?
Can this be fixed in the Orbit packaging process?

Thanks, Fabian

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