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[orbit-dev] Declaring Build: S20220208191225 (2022-03 M2 late)

Hello folks,

I am handling the releases or Orbit for the next while. I spoke with Roland who has given me some advice/etc and I am following the steps written on the wiki[0]. Obviously M2 has come and gone - but I am doing a build this week called "M2 late" so I can familiarize myself with the process ahead of the M3 Orbit date which will be next week. Please let me know if you notice anything amiss.

I'm declaring S20220208191225 [1,2] as our contribution for SimRel 2022-03 M2 [3].

This is a composite repository combining a newer build (R20201118194144) that is based on the last good build from CVS (20160520211859, Neon) and the latest build from the orbit-recipes master branch [4].

The following changes are new for 2022-03 M2 since 2021-12 (CVE-2021-44228):

df24814 Update reference repository to 2022-03 M2 release
ed18f79 Update Xerces to 2.12.2
760ed33 Update to 2.8.9
a1bb688 Update org.apache.logging.log4j to 2.17.1
77eb184 Update bouncycastle to 1.70.0
a1ec7c1 Update org.apache.sshd from 2.7.0 to 2.8.0
0e363a3 Update org.apache.logging.log4j to 2.17.0
86802eb Bug 577829 - Httpclient 5.0.2 has severe CVE
06aa0ea Update ip_log.xml for org.apache.logging.log4j 2.16.0
2dda4d7 Update org.apache.logging.log4j to 2.16.0

(I have asked Roland for how to run the script comparing units and hope to include results for M3)



Jonah Graham
Kichwa Coders

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