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  • [hudson-dev] This list has been closed, Eclipse Webmaster
  • [hudson-dev] Moving to Gerrit., Eclipse Webmaster
  • [hudson-dev] is down, Marek Parfianowicz
  • [hudson-dev] images in webconsole, ksiv
  • [hudson-dev] new plugin release performance-signature 2.1.0, Raphael.Pionke
  • [hudson-dev] new plugin release performance-signature 2.0.0, Raphael.Pionke
  • [hudson-dev] Fwd: Issues : Hudson Performance trend displays blank chart !, Mehdi Mrini
  • [hudson-dev] new plugin release performance-signature 1.6.3, Raphael.Pionke
  • [hudson-dev] Membership to Hudson Plug-in Development team to release Clover Plugin, Grzegorz Lewandowski
  • [hudson-dev] Plugin development: Job information in memory or disk, Henrik Lynggaard Hansen
  • [hudson-dev] Plugin development: caching on a per user or per http session, Henrik Lynggaard Hansen
  • [hudson-dev] EclipseCon North America 2016: Call for Papers, Mikael Barbero
  • [hudson-dev] Using Pure in Hudson, Kaz Nishimura
  • [hudson-dev] Hudson 3.3.2 now live, Duncan Mills
  • [hudson-dev] Prototype and jQuery?, Kaz Nishimura
  • [hudson-dev] Welcome Kaz Nishimura as a new technology.hudson Committer, portal on behalf of Winston Prakash
  • [hudson-dev] Hudson / WAS compatibility question, Dwayne Sands
  • [hudson-dev] Committer vote for Kaz Nishimura has been approved by the PMC, portal on behalf of portal-noreply
  • [hudson-dev] Committer vote for Kaz Nishimura has concluded successfully, portal on behalf of
  • [hudson-dev] Checksum error on downloaded rpm (OpenSuse), Tamas Csabina
  • [hudson-dev] +1 for Kaz Nishimura on technology.hudson by Stuart McCulloch, portal on behalf of
  • [hudson-dev] +1 for Kaz Nishimura on technology.hudson by Geoff Waymark, portal on behalf of
  • [hudson-dev] Request hosting for Performance Signature Plugin, Raphael.Pionke
  • [hudson-dev] +1 for Kaz Nishimura on technology.hudson by Bob Foster, portal on behalf of
  • [hudson-dev] +1 for Kaz Nishimura on technology.hudson by Duncan Mills, portal on behalf of
  • [hudson-dev] Vote for Committer status for Kaz Nishimura was started by Winston Prakash, portal on behalf of
  • [hudson-dev] Is it acceptable to compile hudson-utils for Java 5?, Kaz Nishimura
  • [hudson-dev] SSH Slaves plugin still buggy, Kaz Nishimura
  • [hudson-dev] YUI (semi-)removal attempt?, Kaz Nishimura
  • [hudson-dev] New branch creation request, Kaz Nishimura
  • [hudson-dev] Merge request, Kaz Nishimura
  • [hudson-dev] Hudson: Azure Slave plugin: Need commit rights, suresh nallamilli

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