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  • [higgins-dev] Agenda item for 11/16-17 F2F, (continued)
  • [higgins-dev] Dieter M Sommer is out of the office., Dieter M Sommer
  • [higgins-dev] [IdAS] registry factoring, Greg Byrd
  • [higgins-dev] A Higgins integration with cardspace, Jim Sermersheim
  • [higgins-dev] Building STS components, Jim Sermersheim
  • [higgins-dev] Notes from higgins-dev call Thursday October 26 12-1pm ET, Paul Trevithick
  • [higgins-dev] RP Policy discussed during the higgins call, Duane Buss
  • [higgins-dev] Higgins-dev call agenda, Paul Trevithick
  • [higgins-dev] Higgins-dev call today at 12 noon ET, Paul Trevithick
  • [higgins-dev] Higgins developers call today at 12:00 Noon EDT, Mary Ruddy
  • [higgins-dev] lost emails, Jim Sermersheim
  • [higgins-dev] Developers call Thursday at 12:00 Noon EDT, Mary Ruddy
  • [higgins-dev] Other types for Digital Subjects, Tom Doman
  • [higgins-dev] Relying Party Security Policy, Jan Camenisch
  • [higgins-dev] Importing/building STS projects, Jim Sermersheim

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