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Re: [higgins-dev] Higgins developers call today at 12:00 Noon EDT

Which parts ?

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I'm not actually a developer (yet, anyway) but I am trying to get
Higgins to build under Eclipse ... how do I get some help with that?



On 7/5/07, Mary Ruddy <mary@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

We will have our regular Higgins developers call today, Thursday, July 5th
at 12:00 Noon EDT.

The dial-in number is 1-866-362-7064 and the participant access code is

Preliminary agenda

Successful F2F and Catalyst interop in San Francisco.  Lots of visibility
for Higgins
Milestone 0.9
All those things we said we would work on after the interop

Refactoring H1, H2 and H3 for more consistency, etc.

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