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  • Re: [equinox-dev] Alternatives to OSGI, (continued)
  • [equinox-dev] Equinox 3.2 on J9/ARM problem, Barry Atkins
  • [equinox-dev] The applications and products extension points have moved, Thomas Watson
  • [equinox-dev] SDK missing source for org.eclipse.osgi.util and, Kirby Bohling
  • [equinox-dev] Announcement: Aspects Equinox Incubator - 1.0.1 Release, Matthew Webster
  • [equinox-dev] Initial transforms commit into the incubator, Kimberly Horne
  • [equinox-dev] How to use Extension bundles in equinox, Ikuo Yamasaki
  • [equinox-dev] how to launch another fw instance in the same jvm, Ikuo Yamasaki
  • [equinox-dev] Equinox / Http Service / Jetty, Piero Campanelli
  • [equinox-dev] Using org.eclipse.equinox.http inside of an RCP application, Kirby Bohling
  • [equinox-dev] New committer proposal Ikuo Yamasaki, Pascal Rapicault
  • [equinox-dev] org.osgi.framework.Bundle from java.lang.Class, Matthew Webster
  • [equinox-dev] About CM, jerry lin
  • [equinox-dev] Problem Running 'org.eclipse.osgi' in development mode inside eclipse, Piero Campanelli
  • [equinox-dev] OSGi/Minimum.., Piero Campanelli
  • [equinox-dev] Eric W Li is out of the office., Eric W Li
  • [equinox-dev] Announcement: Aspects Equinox Incubator - Update Site, Matthew Webster
  • [equinox-dev] DeclarativeServices - ConfigurationAdmin Integration Incorrectly Handles ManagedServiceFactories, Benjamin Schmaus
  • [equinox-dev] Generalized OSGi transformations, Kimberly Horne
  • [equinox-dev] what does equinox cache ?, Tom Huybrechts
  • [equinox-dev] Equinox category tag on the wiki, Jeff McAffer
  • [equinox-dev] Fw: JNI Launcher & SWT Splash screen, Jeff McAffer
  • [equinox-dev] Packaging opensource libraries as osgi bundles, Piero Campanelli
  • [equinox-dev] Eclipse-ExtensibleAPI Manifest Header, Jeremy Volkman
  • [equinox-dev] Announcement: Aspects Equinox Incubator - Phase II, Matthew Webster
  • [equinox-dev] Standardize Eclipse Lazy Start, Thomas Watson
  • [equinox-dev] Subbarao Meduri/Raleigh/IBM is out of the office., Subbarao Meduri

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