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Re: [equinox-dev] bundle builds using Maven

On 15/05/07, Aaron Siri <Aaron.Siri@xxxxxxx> wrote:

My organization has been attempting to use the Maven build process as described in the "Building Eclipse Plugins with Maven 2" by the Princeton Softech guys to build a set of Equinox/OSGi bundles (not Eclipse plugins.) I've successfully gotten a single bundle to build but am having problems with cross-bundle dependencies. I have an aggregator/super-pom that contains two modules â A and B. B, as defined in the manifest, depends on A. A builds fine, but when B attempts to build it can't find A to build against. Is this situation supposed to work?

I can't quote on this implementation, but when I put it together I did a build and then install into the local repository, so that it was available for building other dependencies. But that was Maven1.

A related question I have is what is the common method of building equinox
bundles?  Do most people just use the PDE tools included in Eclipse?

Everyone in Eclipse uses the PDE build. It's pretty horrible in Maven, and there's some clunky things in PDE that break Maven's assumptions (like, being able to place resources anywhere, and/or when you run a bundle the bundle's resources are always mounted at the root). You're probably better off not using Maven and working around with the PDE build.