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[equinox-dev] The launcher JAR's class path

My application uses several bundles that in turn use log4j wrapped up
as a bundle (namely, Spring-OSGi). As is often the case, when log4j
starts up, it tries and fails to find a log4j.properties file on the
class path. The next step is to put a log4j.properties file somewhere
on the class path.

Say that I'm trying to launch my application like so:

  java -jar org.eclipse.equinox.launcher_[...].jar

What directories would then be visible to the log4j bundle on the
class path? Of course, some bundle content is also on the class path
as seen by a particular bundle, but putting a log4j.properties file
into one of /my/ bundles doesn't necessarily make it visible to the
log4j bundle.

Given this situation sketched here, where would be a sane place to put
a log4j.properties file?

Steven E. Harris