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Re: [equinox-dev] Multiple users and the Equinox console

The intent of the console is not to be a full blown remote management
facility, but simply a lightweight way to connect to the framework. This is
why there is no support for multiple users, secure connections and other
fancy things like these.
Also note that in the future we are hoping to replace our own console in
favor of the felix or kp one because we don't really like our flat

It JMX is ok with you, you may want to give a shot at the JMX support we
have in the equinox incubator



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Hi all,

Is there any fundamental reason that the (remote) Equinox console only
supports one simultaneous user, or was multi-user support just out of
scope at implementation time?  My first thought was that it had to do
with synchronization issues (e.g., only one person should be
removing/installing bundles at a time). However, two bundles should be
able to perform the same framework operations simultaneously.

We're using Equinox at the core of a long-running server app, and we
frequently use the console for some development and administrative
commands. We often run into the single user constraint when someone
forgets to log out, and it'd be nice if the console supported
simultaneous users.

- Jeremy
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