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Re: [equinox-dev] bundle builds using Maven

On 17/05/07, Aaron Siri <Aaron.Siri@xxxxxxx> wrote:
Thanks for the replies.  I realized what I was doing wrong.  You must call
"mvn install" for it to properly build.  "mvn compile" (which I was trying to
use) doesn't place the dependencies in the local repo for the dependant
modules to build from.

yep, I've seen a lot of people hit the same problem when using maven to build OSGi bundles, so I try to get people used to 'mvn install' in tutorials.

Yes, Eclipse/maven building is a pain. So far the PST maven plugin is working for us (with a few tweaks to their sources). I'm experienced with the PDE tools but wanted to keep things as pure OSGi as possible.


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> Hi Aaron,
> On 15/05/07, Aaron Siri <Aaron.Siri@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> >
> > My organization has been attempting to use the Maven build process as
> > described in the "Building Eclipse Plugins with Maven 2" by the
> Princeton
> > Softech guys to build a set of Equinox/OSGi bundles (not Eclipse
> plugins.)
> > I've successfully gotten a single bundle to build but am having
> problems
> > with cross-bundle dependencies.  I have an aggregator/super-pom that
> > contains two modules - A and B.  B, as defined in the manifest,
> depends on
> > A.  A builds fine, but when B attempts to build it can't find A to
> build
> > against.  Is this situation supposed to work?
> >
> > I've made a slight modification to the Princeton Softech Maven plugin
> that
> > uses the bundle package "prefix" as the group Id (i.e.
> > com.company.product.bundle would use "com.companyu.product" as the
> group
> > id.)  When the build errors out due to failed dependency resolution
> it is
> > looking for the artifact that I would expect it to (group id and
> artifact id
> > look correct.)
> >
> I haven't used the PST plugin myself, but you might want to check the
> manifest has a version for module B, and also that module B has been
> correctly installed in the Maven repository.
> >
> > The compilation can resolve the Equinox (3.3M7) bundles from the
> manifest
> > (using the group id change described above) and can find the
> artifacts in
> > the repo without issue.  It is just this cross-module building issue
> that
> > I'm having.
> >
> > A related question I have is what is the common method of building
> equinox
> > bundles?  Do most people just use the PDE tools included in Eclipse?
> >
> A lot of people just use the PDE tooling, but there are other options
> like Peter Kriens' BND tool which can be used as an Eclipse plugin
> (see http://www.aqute.biz/Code/Bnd) and is also available in Maven
> using the maven-bundle-plugin from the Apache Felix project.
> Personally, I use my own set of scripts to simplify creating bundles
> (see http://wiki.ops4j.org/confluence/display/ops4j/Pax+Construct).
> These scripts take a different approach to PST, in that dependencies
> must be specified in the Maven poms and the manifest is generated
> from the code and the BND directives. Eclipse integration is minimal
> at the moment, but is being actively improved.
> >
> > -Aaron
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