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[equinox-dev] Splash screen customization with Swing

I noticed that the Equinox launcher can create an "early" splash
screen using a BMP-formatted image, and it sets a property --
org.eclipse.equinox.launcher.splash.handle -- to the integer value of
the window handle (I'm guessing) created by the native code reached
through JNIBridge.

There's an example in the incubator CVS repository at demos/splash/
org.eclipse.equinox.examples.splash that shows how to acquire this
window handle and use it to create an SWT Shell, presumably redrawing
over the "early" splash screen with something custom and dynamic.

Is it possible to do anything with a window handle like this with
Swing? I have an existing splash screen written with Swing and I'm
wondering if there's some way to tie it together with the "early"
splash screen capability in the launcher.

Steven E. Harris