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RE: [equinox-dev] Status of bundles

In addition to Matthias interest in the missing Wire Admin service, I'm
curious to know what happened to Declarative Services.

The org.eclipse.equinox.ds was included in the eclipse-equinox-3.3M6.zip
distribution.  However, it has been dropped from M7.  Will this be
included in the final 3.3 distribution?

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Hi Equinox-Team

I was looking at Bundles-Status at
And I am wandering if these status refelects the current development.
For example the Declerative Services are marked: status:red But in CVS
there is the org.eclipse.equinox.ds-Project.

I am especially asking in regards to this comparison:
The author noted that the following optional services are missing:
Wire Admin (Partial), IOConnector, Initial Provisioning and UPnP

Now I am wandering what the status of the bundles/services will be in
final 3.3?

Thanks for your help.

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