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Re: [equinox-dev] How can I embed a JAR in a plugin?

The Bundle-ClassPath gives the bundle visibility, but doesn't export
any of the contents. So doing:

Bundle-ClassPath: .,thirdparty.jar

means that classes inside the bundle will be able to see code in
thirdparty.jar, but that doesn't imply any other people who depend on
it will see them. You'll need to add

Export-Package: com.example.thirdparty,com.example.thirdparty.other

for each package that you want to expose.

You might find that the 'bnd' tool (http://www.aqute.biz/Code/Bnd),
which can automatically convert an existing Jar into an OSGi bundle,
might be better suited to your needs.


On 09/05/07, David Leangen <osgi@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Since many OSS projects do not package their code as osgi bundles, I've had to create my own bundles from time to time.

This time, I thought that rather than including it as a project in my
Eclipse environment, I'll put the bundle in my plugins directory.

However, I have not yet been able to figure out how to expose the classpath of the embedded jar file to my projects in the workspace.

If I directly compile the code (thus all the class files are in "." in
the bundle rather than in a jar in the bundle), I can include the bundle
this way without any problems.

I thought that I only needed to include the jar in the Bundle-ClassPath entry in the manifest, but Equinox does not recognize this.

What does Equinox require that I do to expose this embedded jar to my projects in Eclipse via my plugin bundle?

Thank you!

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