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  • Re: [eclipselink-users] EL building select count() instead of select count(*), (continued)
  • Re: [eclipselink-users] Regression 2.1.1 -> 2.2.0? @JoinColumn referencedColumnId, Christopher Delahunt
  • [eclipselink-users] Regression 2.1.1 -> 2.2.0? @JoinColumn referencedColumnId, Laird Nelson
  • [eclipselink-users] JPA 2.0 question: derived @ManyToOne?, Laird Nelson
  • [eclipselink-users] MOXy logging problem, Fabrizio Fortino
  • [eclipselink-users] Inheritance. Exception "Missing class for indicator field value", Franc2010
  • [eclipselink-users] Fw: CriteriaQuery.where()??, Jose Alvarez de Lara
  • [eclipselink-users] CriteriaQuery.where()??, Jose Alvarez de Lara
  • [eclipselink-users] Specifying CASCADE-REMOVE in project.xml, rmmora159
  • [eclipselink-users] Auto Reply: Re: support for teradata, vikram . jeet . bhatia
  • [eclipselink-users] Auto Reply: Object retention issues., vikram . jeet . bhatia
  • [eclipselink-users] Object retention issues., Nathan Bryant
  • [eclipselink-users] support for teradata, tbianchi
  • [eclipselink-users] Auto Reply: Re: Query Cache Issue, gordon . yorke
  • [eclipselink-users] Query Cache Issue, jz
  • [eclipselink-users] REPOST: Why does eclipselink consume the whole allocationSize each time it's rebooted? Bug?, Gabriele Kahlout
  • [eclipselink-users] Binder issue with @XmlElements, Tibobd
  • Re: [eclipselink-users] Does Eclipselink/Toplink generate back out SQLs?, James Sutherland
  • [eclipselink-users] history table cannot use automatic increment column as primary, Joe(Zhou Xiangtao)
  • [eclipselink-users] JPA @Embeddable, containing foreign key, "must not reference the isolated class", janne postilista
  • [eclipselink-users] how to generate history table under the history policy, Joe(Zhou Xiangtao)
  • [eclipselink-users] Execute SQL after table creation., José Arcángel Salazar Delgado
  • Re: [eclipselink-users] find always does db lookup?, jehanzeb . qayyum
  • [eclipselink-users] Auto Reply: eclipselink-users Digest, Vol 38, Issue 26, michael . braeuer
  • Re: [eclipselink-users] Stale data with cache invalidation, James Sutherland
  • [eclipselink-users] MOXy Metadata Design: xml-any-element with xml-element-ref(s), David McCann
  • [eclipselink-users] A question of native query for pagination., Shashikant Kale
  • [eclipselink-users] Query caching for report queries?, Phillip Ross

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