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Re: [eclipselink-users] Undetected problem mapping fields to columns

I don't see the attachements, but please file a bug including your problem description and attachments.

Rui Jesus wrote:
I forgot the attachments...

Rui Jesus wrote:
JPA provider seems to be unable to detect a potential problem when mapping
fields to columns.
Having an hierarchy of entities using a single-table strategy, and two
entities having fields with same name but different types, results that in
a future persist action, a "java.sql.SQLDataException: data exception:
invalid character value for cast" is thrown. This is because no two
columns exist for the two different fields.
I am using version "eclipselink-2.1.1.v20100817-r8050",
Springframework-3.0.4, and JUnit-4.8.2.
This problem one can reproduce!
As annexes, I provide several files including java test files, captured
console output, etc. console-output.txt

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