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  • [cbi-dev] Tycho build with eclipse-parent-pom cannot download external lib ?, Oberhuber, Martin
  • [cbi-dev] maven error - An error occurred copying file, Thanh Ha
  • [cbi-dev] Minutes from April 17th cbi-dev call, Andrew Ross
  • [cbi-dev] WTP missing constraint org.eclipse.jface.text, Thanh Ha
  • [cbi-dev] JUnit Tests Comparison CBI and PDE Bug 377410, Thanh Ha
  • [cbi-dev] Use of git subcomponents, Andrew Ross
  • [cbi-dev] Today's (May 1) cbi-dev call, Andrew Ross
  • [cbi-dev] Release process?, Craig Foote
  • [cbi-dev] Eclipse 3.x source, Ludmila Shikhvarg
  • [cbi-dev] junit tests for 4.x, Ludmila Shikhvarg
  • [cbi-dev] Bug 376987 created to track building platform zips, Thanh Ha
  • [cbi-dev] Code sprint tomorrow, Andrew Ross
  • [cbi-dev] CBI Tests for macosx, Thanh Ha
  • [cbi-dev] Running CBI build with tests, Thanh Ha
  • [cbi-dev] Code quality analysis on CBI, Mickael Istria
  • [cbi-dev] An "Eclipse central repository", Mickael Istria
  • [cbi-dev] Conventions for repository URLs, Mickael Istria
  • [cbi-dev] p2 repository generated during build, Thanh Ha
  • [cbi-dev] Today's CBI dev call, Andrew Ross
  • [cbi-dev] Eclipse CBI Juno M6 packaging, Thanh Ha
  • [cbi-dev] CBI build based on Juno M6, Thanh Ha
  • [cbi-dev] first pass at a draft roadmap, Andrew Ross
  • [cbi-dev] Execution default-package-feature of goal org.eclipse.tycho:tycho-packaging-plugin:0.14.1:package-feature failed. NullPointerException, Thanh Ha
  • [cbi-dev] Import error cannot be resolved, Thanh Ha
  • [cbi-dev] License feature must include file, Thanh Ha
  • [cbi-dev] Reminder: CBI meeting next Wednesday 10:15 EDT, Andrew Ross
  • [cbi-dev] Reminder: CBI Dev call in 15 minutes., Andrew Ross
  • [cbi-dev] link broken on download page, Paul Webster
  • [cbi-dev] How do you pull the latest from the prototype, Paul Webster
  • [cbi-dev] M6 removed features, Thanh Ha

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