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[cbi-dev] Tomorrow's cbi-dev call

Hi Everyone,

I'd like to propose the following agenda for tomorrow's cbi-dev call:

1) Eclipse platform build (CBI) upstream

We are inching ever closer to being ready to push the work to CBI'ify the Eclipse platform upstream. Doing this has multiple significant benefits: a) we can remove the forked repositories b) we can hopefully avoid bumping all qualifiers as would be likely if we pushed upstream after SR0.

2) Eclipse platform test results

Thanh has re-run the test suite after we rebased to M7. Like last time, there is a very high pass rate. He'll share the results. We could use help to debug and solve the remaining issues.

3) CBI 1.0 definition

What does the first release of CBI mean? For example, what are the versions of components and what features do we support?

4) CBI 2.0 planning

What are the tantalizing opportunities to make life better & easier for many projects & committers using CBI?

5) WTP update

Work has progressed nicely on CBI'ifying WTP. We'd like to share an update, and talk about the next steps.

If you'd like to suggest another item for the agenda, please reply here, or speak up at the start of the call. Thank you!

Best regards,


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