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[cbi-dev] CBI rebased to Juno M7

Hi Everyone,

I've rebased the CBI repos to Juno M7. The wiki has been updated with instructions for downloading the CBI Juno M7 [1].

There were a few changes to the repos:

There are now 2 one for R3 and one for R4. You will need to download the correct one, if you are working on R3 if you are working on R4

eclipse.platform and eclipse.platform_e4 are now a single submodule in the R4 repo and eclipse.platform now only requires 2 branches Juno_M7_R3 for the R3 branch, and Juno_M7_R4 for the R4 branch. Due to updates from upstream there is no longer a need for a Juno_M7_R3R4 branch.

In case anyone is interested here is a list of tags I used to rebase with.
Tags: R3 I20120502-2000 | R4 I20120503-1800
  • eclipse.jdt: v20120429-1635
  • eclipse.jdt.core: v20120502-0834
  • eclipse.jdt.core.binaries: v20120112-1458
  • eclipse.jdt.debug: v20120502-0150
  • eclipse.jdt.ui: v20120502-1904
  • eclipse.pde: v20120104-1740 (no-change)
  • v20120428-0109
  • eclipse.pde.ui: v20120430-1436
  • eclipse.platform: v20120402-1320 | v20120424-1332
  • eclipse.platform.common: v20120430-1541 | v20120502-1351 (new)
  • eclipse.platform.debug: v20120501-1711
  • eclipse.platform.releng: v20120424-1935 | v20120429-1556
  • eclipse.platform.resources: v20120501-2009
  • eclipse.platform.runtime: v20120502-1323 | v20120502-1817 (new)
  • eclipse.platform.swt: v3829a | v4229f (new)
  • eclipse.platform.swt.binaries: v3829a | v4229f (new)
  • v20120427-1802
  • eclipse.platform.text: v20120429-0625
  • v20120404-0944
  • eclipse.platform.ui: v20120502-1545 | v20120503-2003
  • rt.equinox.bundles: v20120430-1356
  • rt.equinox.framework: v20120430-1750
  • rt.equinox.p2: v20120501-1502



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