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  • [platform-debug-dev] IThread.getPriority() returns int. Not all platforms use int to represent, boxall
  • [platform-debug-dev] IThread.getPriority() returns int. Not all platforms use int to represent priority., boxall
  • [platform-debug-dev] Released changes to JUI and Platform debug, Darin_Wright
  • Re: [platform-debug-dev] Running the debug problem - defect?, Darin_Wright
  • [platform-debug-dev] Fwd: Re: Bugzilla usernames (email addresses), Jared Burns
  • [platform-debug-dev] Changes in how internal errors are reported in Debug plugins, Darin_Swanson
  • [platform-debug-dev] Aherm, Jared Burns
  • [platform-debug-dev] Component page updates, Jared Burns
  • [platform-debug-dev] Re: platform-debug-dev digest, Vol 1 #23 - 1 msg, boxall
  • [platform-debug-dev] System.out, N V S Rama Krishna
  • [platform-debug-dev] Work in progress, Jed_Anderson
  • [platform-debug-dev] Re: [jdt-debug-dev] Build contribution process, Darin Wright/WPG/OTI
  • [platform-debug-dev] Proposal: Debug Expressions, Darin Wright/WPG/OTI
  • [platform-debug-dev] Build contribution process, jared_burns
  • [platform-debug-dev] Vote Result: Breakpoint Properites, Darin Wright/WPG/OTI
  • [platform-debug-dev] "Illegal" references bug, Darin_Swanson
  • [platform-debug-dev] Vote Result: Goodbye Process View, Darin Wright/WPG/OTI
  • [platform-debug-dev] Re: [jdt-debug-dev] Vote: Goodbye "process" view, Jared_Burns
  • [platform-debug-dev] Debug options., N V S Rama Krishna
  • [platform-debug-dev] Improved mail list archives now available (Supports MIME and attachments), Dean Roberts/OTT/OTI
  • [platform-debug-dev] Breakpoint Poll: Properties View vs. Properties Dialog, Darin Wright/WPG/OTI
  • [platform-debug-dev] Vote: Goodbye "process" view, Darin Wright/WPG/OTI
  • [platform-debug-dev] Extensible set of debug elements, Darin Wright/WPG/OTI
  • [platform-debug-dev] Launch Configurations, Darin Wright/WPG/OTI
  • [platform-debug-dev] New interfaces for procedural debug support, Darin Wright/WPG/OTI
  • [platform-debug-dev] New plugin released, Darin Wright/WPG/OTI
  • [platform-debug-dev] Work Plans Updated, Darin Wright/WPG/OTI
  • [platform-debug-dev] Collapsing thread behavior, Jed_Anderson
  • [platform-debug-dev] Reply behaviour in Eclipse mailing lists, Dean Roberts/OTT/OTI
  • [platform-debug-dev] [jdt-debug-dev] Collapsing thread behavior for length operations, Jed_Anderson
  • [platform-debug-dev] Collapsing thread behavior for length operations, Joe_Szurszewski
  • [platform-debug-dev] Welcome to platform-debug-dev, Dean Roberts/OTT/OTI

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