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  • Re: [p2-dev] Product publishing and product update, (continued)
  • [p2-dev] Plans for moving P2 to git?, Alin Dreghiciu
  • [p2-dev] Meeting minutes and provide status, Thomas Watson
  • [p2-dev] p2 tagged for i-build, DJ Houghton
  • [p2-dev] InstallApplication has a parametrized usage of ServiceReference, Alin Dreghiciu
  • [p2-dev] New time for the p2 and equinox calls, Pascal Rapicault
  • [p2-dev] How does p2 check for plugin/dependencies versions for download, Nayna Jain
  • [p2-dev] p2 repository question, Rob Cavallo
  • [p2-dev] How to build an update site for a product?, Samuel Wu
  • [p2-dev] transport ssl bug fix and 3.6 sr1, Scott Lewis
  • [p2-dev] osgi data store lost after p2 update, Michael Mangeng
  • [p2-dev] AUTO: Janet Dmitrovich/Austin/IBM is out of the office until 08/20/2001. (returning 09/04/2010), Janet Dmitrovich
  • [p2-dev] Product definition as extension of another product, Yousouf, Shenol
  • [p2-dev] Update, shared installs, and EPP Package, Pascal Rapicault
  • [p2-dev] Usage of 'useFeatures' attribute in p2 product files, Yousouf, Shenol
  • [p2-dev] p2 has been tagged for the next 3.6.x build, Ian Bull
  • [p2-dev] Discovery feature, Daniel Pastore
  • [p2-dev] p2 tagged for Eclipse Helios SR1, DJ Houghton
  • [p2-dev] Follow up on shared install issue, Pascal Rapicault
  • [p2-dev] AUTO: Samuel Wu/Toronto/IBM is out of the office. (returning 08/24/2010), Samuel Wu
  • [p2-dev] AUTO: David Klein/Austin/IBM is out of the office. (returning 08/23/2010), David Klein
  • [p2-dev] Helios SR1 (Eclipse 3.6.1), DJ Houghton
  • [p2-dev] Question about p2 UI policies and categories, Anderson, Glen
  • [p2-dev] Shared installs and our EPP Packages, Ian Bull

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