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Re: [p2-dev] Plans for moving P2 to git?

Yep. But at least all the major workflows that were intended to ever be supported were complete even if they were shaky.
Here we are talking of complete subset of features that are not implemented (1) for which you have to resort to command line :(

How do I know? I use egit / jgit on a day to day basis for corporate development and it is *not* fun.
I admit that since I first used it in February things have improved quite significantly, but still. 

Currently we don't support any actions (merge/overwrite/commit) from
sync view. I hope implement it before 0.10 release, but for now sync
view can be only use to give an overview on differences between two
branches. Any actions should be done using context menu in Package
explorer or Navigator.

On 2010-09-22, at 4:52 AM, Wayne Beaton wrote:

How good would p2 be today if nobody used it when it was shitty?

Just askin'


On 22/09/2010 2:52 AM, Pascal Rapicault wrote:
Not until the eclipse integration is good. And right now, between you and me, it is shitty so I don't see the point causing pain the all group with that.
That said I'm open to discuss that. The other thing to consider is that PDE Build does not have git support which means that we would have to find another way to build from tags.

On 2010-09-21, at 10:13 PM, Alin Dreghiciu wrote:


Are there any current plans for moving p2 code to git?

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