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Re: [p2-dev] Discovery feature

 Hi All,

I understand that the current p2 discovery API is currently not of exactly the same nature, but I wanted to point out that the ECF network discovery API (network discovery of services) is well-established...with the following providers available:

service locator protocol (rfc 2608)
xml-file-based discovery
apache zookeeper (newly added in ECF Helios)
dns-sd (completed as summer-of-code project and soon to go out with ECF 3.4)

others (e.g. using proprietary discovery protocols) are possible, of course...since the discovery API is transport independent.

There's also an enhancement having to do with discovery of p2 repositories:

The ECF discovery API [1] (and all providers) are now being used for the ECF impl of the OSGi remote services specification.



On 8/24/2010 1:33 PM, Pascal Rapicault wrote:
We have not much done planning yet for Indigo. We will get into this in the next few weeks.
As far as I remember there is no official API for the discovery functionality, so it may be possible that depending on ppl's request and committer time we would try to provide an official API.

On 2010-08-24, at 2:14 PM, Daniel Pastore wrote:

Hi guys,

I would like to know if is there anything planned on modifying the discovery API for Indigo time-frame.
We use this feature for Pulsar, so we'll have to adapt ourselves if something breaks. :)


Daniel Pastore
Sequoyah Team
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