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[p2-dev] How does p2 check for plugin/dependencies versions for download

Hi everybody,

I have one basic doubt from the Install dialog page we get when we click Help -> Install New Software in Eclipse.
On this dialog page there is one checkbox . " Contact all update sites during install to find required software".

So, what does the required software means here ? And what does it actually try to check in update sites.

Why I got this doubt is as below :-

I had Eclipse IDE for Java base installation. With it Mylyn 3.2.x versions got installed.
Now using Eclipse Install New Software link.. I am trying to install C/C++ Development Toolkit.
The checkbox on "Contact all update sites during install to find required software" is selected.

Now, when I click on Next.. it calculates the dependencies and moves to Next Dialog.. It shows CDT.. with size details and goes to next license page..
Now it shows.. both CDT and Mylyn 3.4.x versions.. I know CDT has dependency on Mylyn but does it need 3.4.x version only as 3.2.x version is already available.. And if I don't select on this checkbox then it doesn't show Mylyn 3.4.x plugins.

So.. what does it actually try to do ?

#1. Is CDT 6.0.2 having dependency on Mylyn 3.4.x thats why it is showing.
#2. Or is CDT 6.0.2 can work with Mylyn 3.2.x also but since we asked it to contact all the update sites.. so when i went to Mylyn update site.. it found the latest version 3.4.x.. to be available and so started downloading that also.
#3. Or is it like when we select this checkbox.. it looks for update sites of all the plugins irrespective of the it is required for currently selected plugin or not.

So, please clarify it.. And if it is like #1. then how do I provide this option when I am using p2 director applicaton headlessly using bash script.

How do I specify in my bash script to contact all the update sites during install for the required software.

Thanks & Regards,
              - Nayna

Don't believe the fear, uncertainity and doubts from people that have never tried it.

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