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Re: [p2-dev] Product definition as extension of another product

Hello Hugues,

Thank you for your answer ! Could you please tell me a little bit more about this "bit of glue code added to the core.product" - what is it like and how it works ?

The trick which I found out for myself is to list the "extras" in a separate product file and then attach the other product IU during the publishing process via instructions from p2.inf file (more details here - ). Works like charm if both products are in the same p2 repository ! :) If they are not, to workaround the visibility problem between the two products, you can list the repositories as childs of one composite repository and install from there.

P2 has absolutely no problem to install product IUs which include other product IUs as their requirements under specific conditions (i.e. nested products). Unfortunately, currently there is no way to define such an IU directly from product file except with "hacks" through p2.inf. This problem can be viewed as an extension of another topic which I raised some time ago when it turned out that .product files cannot also support the definition of a mixed content of features and bundles inside them (again, p2.inf can workaround this issue).

Best regards,

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Hi Yousouf,

I was facing a similar situation: core.product,
core-with-extras.product where core-with-extras.product is core, some
new features and a couple bundles to start automatically.

The best solution I found so far consists of eliminating the second 2
product file.

I re-factored this setup so that the "extras" are all described via a feature.
The extra bundles to be started are now enabled via a bit of glue code
added to the core.product.
This code is able to detect the extra bundles and start them early enough.

I hope this helps.

On Thu, Sep 2, 2010 at 12:23 AM, Yousouf, Shenol <s.yousouf@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi all,
> The following scenario sounds simple but I cannot find an elegant solution
> to implement it:
> I have a product A and now I need a product B which extends product A in the
> sense that it includes product A's IUs + some IUs of its own. However, it is
> well known that a p2 product definition can include only features xor
> bundles but cannot point to another product. (correct me if I am wrong)
> The obvious solution is to list product A's features in product B's
> definition. The disadvantage here is that any update in product A must be
> manually reflected into product B's definition. Could you point me to a more
> clean (build/publishing) procedure which will map changes in A automatically
> to B ? You can also assume that A and B should be published into two
> different p2 repositories. However, if this complicates the scenario too
> much, we can resort to the usage of one p2 repository only.
> Thanks in advance for any hints you can give me !
> Best regards,
> Shenol Yousouf
> SAP Labs Bulgaria
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