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  • RE: [p2-dev] Shared installs and our EPP Packages, (continued)
  • [p2-dev] Use of P2 with non-Eclipse based applications, Jennifer Vendetti
  • [p2-dev] Bunch of P2 Worker Threads sleeping, Michael Mangeng
  • [p2-dev] p2 tagged for Indigo IBuild, Ian Bull
  • [p2-dev] Re: How to query feature's plugins/IUs from p2 metadata?, Ari.Seppi
  • [p2-dev] Tracking the downloads via Software updates, HariBabu M
  • [p2-dev] How to get agent and profile object using p2 API, Nayna Jain
  • [p2-dev] The future of Eclipse upgrades, Ian Bull
  • [p2-dev] How to update a component feature of a product build?, Samuel Wu
  • [p2-dev] Any reason why Eclipse doesn't load plugins from 'dropins' directory?, Gabriel Petrovay
  • [p2-dev] Self-Hosting p2 and PDE SelfHostingProfile, Gunnar Wagenknecht
  • Re: [p2-dev] P2 Isolation, Vladimir Pavlov
  • [p2-dev] Director problems, Thomas Hallgren
  • [p2-dev] Dropins directory is ignored in a product build, Samuel Wu
  • [p2-dev] org.eclipse.equinox.p2.artifact.optimizers.pack200optimizer, Radoslaw Urbas
  • [p2-dev] Bootstraping and using from commandline, Stefan Langer
  • [p2-dev] AUTO: Janet Dmitrovich/Austin/IBM is out of the office until 08/20/2001. (returning 07/17/2010), Janet Dmitrovich
  • [p2-dev] p2 tagged for 3.7 integration build, Ian Bull
  • [p2-dev] p2 bundle versions, Ian Bull
  • [p2-dev] Import projects from p2 repo?, Scott Lewis
  • [p2-dev] Is there a way to reset the platform programatically to force reload of product plugin?, James Perry
  • [p2-dev] AUTO: David Klein/Austin/IBM is out of the office. (returning 07/12/2010), David Klein
  • [p2-dev] Contributions to 3.6.x, Pascal Rapicault
  • [p2-dev] Product updates broken on win32 w/embedded jre? (Eclipse 3.5.2/Buckminster/p2), Casey Marshall
  • [p2-dev] Versions updated to 2.0.2 in 3.6x branch, Pascal Rapicault
  • [p2-dev] Cannot update my product after migrating to Eclipse 3.5/p2/Buckminster build, Casey Marshall
  • [p2-dev] Equinox retrospective for the Helios Release, Thomas Watson
  • [p2-dev] publishing a fragment does not work, Michael Hüttermann
  • [p2-dev] Unable to add p2 repository via proxy, Dmytro Pishchukhin
  • [p2-dev] P2-Update-SDK: Dependency to, Johannes Michler
  • Recall: [p2-dev] Installing a product with P2 on external location, Yaneva, Elena

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