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Re: [p2-dev] How to build an update site for a product?

Hello Samuel,


I am sorry if I do not grasp some of the details in your use case so you may already be familiar with the information that follows.


If you lack a product IU in the repository that gathers all the features/plugins you need, the usual way is to describe them in a .product file and publish it into the site you already have. You can automate the publishing process in an ant build by using the respective p2 ant tasks for that purpose. You can find further details about the various publisher applications on the following page:


If you need to publish a new release of your product, just increment the version attribute of the .product file. The generated product IU will hold the necessary update metadata to signify that it replaces the older releases during install.


Hope this helps !


Best regards,

Shenol Yousouf

SAP Labs Bulgaria


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Hello there,
During the headless build of a product, an update repository is created. But it only contains the features/plugins. Wonder how to build a site which can ship a new release of the product. For instance, a 3.6.1 product which can be installed as update to 3.6.0. Thanks.

Best Regards

Samuel Wu

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