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[p2-dev] Product definition as extension of another product

Hi all,
The following scenario sounds simple but I cannot find an elegant solution to implement it:
I have a product A and now I need a product B which extends product A in the sense that it includes product A’s IUs + some IUs of its own. However, it is well known that a p2 product definition can include only features xor bundles but cannot point to another product. (correct me if I am wrong)
The obvious solution is to list product A’s features in product B’s definition. The disadvantage here is that any update in product A must be manually reflected into product B’s definition. Could you point me to a more clean (build/publishing) procedure which will map changes in A automatically to B ? You can also assume that A and B should be published into two different p2 repositories. However, if this complicates the scenario too much, we can resort to the usage of one p2 repository only.
Thanks in advance for any hints you can give me !
Best regards,
Shenol Yousouf
SAP Labs Bulgaria

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