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Re: [p2-dev] [equinox-dev] New time for the p2 and equinox calls

Thanks for setting up the poll Pascal.  A few things to note

- The poll closes tomorrow so vote now
- Please be careful about the timezones.  I'm not really sure how this works but it seems like Susan is ok with 0600PT calls.  Perhaps she is but it would be worth confirming your votes and the timezone info
- there are a number of votes for Wed morning calls.  IMHO opinion this should not be an option.  There are a sequence of PMC (Eclipse and RT) calls and the standing Eclipse Project planning call all Wed morning. Either timezones are messed up or people who need to be on those calls are forgetting something


On 2010-09-16, at 5:33 AM, Pascal Rapicault wrote:

In order to minimize the numbers of call people have to attend, and given the short duration of the equinox calls, we have decided to give a try a unique p2 and equinox call. If you have any concern with the merge let us know, otherwise please vote to the following poll.

Be careful the poll is set backward ! You need to provide the time when you are *not* available.
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