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  • [orbit-dev] [ORBIT-BUILD: orbit-I] orbit-I Build Failed, (continued)
  • [orbit-dev] packaging source in new Orbit bundles, Michael A Squillace
  • [orbit-dev] Source bundles, DJ Houghton
  • [orbit-dev] I propose to promote I20080222030031, David M Williams
  • [orbit-dev] generating map files, Scott Lewis
  • [orbit-dev] The ayes have it ... 2 to 1 ... signing has started, David M Williams
  • [orbit-dev] [${env.BUILD_SUBJECT_PREFIX} orbit-I] orbit-I build.269 Build Fixed, orbitBuilder
  • [orbit-dev] To sign or not to sign? .... is that a question?, David M Williams
  • [orbit-dev] Promote Orbit I build to pick up recent addition/fix?, Scott Lewis
  • [orbit-dev] CQs, CQs and more CQs, Jeff McAffer
  • [orbit-dev] FW: Support for OSGi, Oberhuber, Martin
  • [orbit-dev] [Fwd: [cross-project-issues-dev] Reminder to move to proper Orbit builds for Europa and Ganymede], Jeff McAffer
  • [orbit-dev] Apache Commons going OSGi, Oberhuber, Martin
  • [orbit-dev] RE: Support for OSGi, Oberhuber, Martin
  • [orbit-dev] Orbit build dates, DJ Houghton
  • [orbit-dev] Problems with the Export-Package "uses" directive, Thomas Watson
  • [orbit-dev] [orbit-R] orbit-R build.14 Build Fixed, orbitBuilder
  • [orbit-dev] Invitation: Orbit Conference Call (Jan 29 10:00 AM EST), DJ Houghton
  • [orbit-dev] Movin' on, Jeff McAffer
  • [orbit-dev] How to handle RC's?, Chris Aniszczyk

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