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[orbit-dev] CQs, CQs and more CQs

If you are responsible for a bundle in Orbit then this message concerns you. If you are not, you might want to read on anyway to get some more IP insight ...

Fact: Each project consuming a third-party library MUST enter a CQ for that library for that project regardless of whether or not that library is already in use approved for use in another project.

Fact: There are currently 31 FIXED (i.e., approved) CQs attributed to the Orbit project

Fact: We ship about 90 actual binary bundles out of Orbit (the rest are the corresponding source)

Fact: Shipped - Approved should = 0

Fact: 90 - 31 != 0

So, what do we do. In many cases the situation is simple, the bundles in Orbit have CQs but the CQs are for some other project. To fix that situation we simply enter CQs for Orbit that "piggyback" off the original CQ. That will account for much of the difference.

The others likely are not in the IP log yet This requires the person responsible for the bundle in Orbit to enter a CQ or find a corresponding CQ and piggyback off it. In most cases I expect there will already be a CQ to piggyback so it should be easy.

There will be a few left over that we'll have to deal with but lets see how that looks once we have covered all the easy ones.

As a motivator we will have to remove from Orbit any bundles that do not have IP log entries complete with CQs by M6 -1 (here I mean the Eclipse project M6 (March 28). For those without a calendar, M6 -1 is EclipseCon week so if you own a bundle and are going to EclipseCon, you'd best get your bundles/CQs/IPlog entries in order before then. Why delay? Do it now!

Questions and comments to this list please.

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