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[orbit-dev] Orbit build dates

Here are a few notes/questions that surfaced in today's Orbit call which
may effect/interest people on these lists.

Europa Maintenace Builds - Are there any bugs that you are aware of that
need to be fixed in Orbit for the Europa Maintenace release? (e.g. Eclipse
3.3.2) If yes, then please let the Orbit team know as soon as possible.
(preferably via Bugzilla)

Ganymede Milestone Builds - There are a few changes to bundles that we
would like to release before we promote an S-build for the Ganymede
milestone build. Therefore we have decided that we will promote an I-build
today (Jan 29) that the Platform team can consume for its warm-up and test
builds. Orbit will promote an S-build on Monday (Feb 4). Please note these
dates if you have changes that need to get into the next milestone.


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