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Re: [orbit-dev] CQs, CQs and more CQs

Thanks Jeff,

I hadn't realized we needed a matching Orbit CQ.

I've filed piggyback CQs and updated the ip log for:

That works out to another 7 bundles.


orbit-dev-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote on 02/05/2008 04:35:39 PM:

> If you are responsible for a bundle in Orbit then this message concerns
> you.  If you are not, you might want to read on anyway to get some more
> IP insight ...
> Fact:  Each project consuming a third-party library MUST enter a CQ for
> that library for that project regardless of whether or not that library
> is already in use approved for use in another project.
> Fact: There are currently 31 FIXED (i.e., approved) CQs attributed to
> the Orbit project


> Fact: We ship about 90 actual binary bundles out of Orbit (the rest are
> the corresponding source)
> Fact: Shipped - Approved should = 0
> Fact: 90 - 31 != 0
> So, what do we do.  In many cases the situation is simple, the bundles
> in Orbit have CQs but the CQs are for some other project.  To fix that
> situation we simply enter CQs for Orbit that "piggyback" off the
> original CQ.  That will account for much of the difference.
> The others likely are not in the IP log yet
> http://download.eclipse.
> This requires the person responsible for the bundle in Orbit to enter a
> CQ or find a corresponding CQ and piggyback off it.  In most cases I
> expect there will already be a CQ to piggyback so it should be easy.
> There will be a few left over that we'll have to deal with but lets see
> how that looks once we have covered all the easy ones.
> As a motivator we will have to remove from Orbit any bundles that do not
> have IP log entries complete with CQs by M6 -1 (here I mean the Eclipse
> project M6 (March 28). For those without a calendar, M6 -1 is EclipseCon
> week so if you own a bundle and are going to EclipseCon, you'd best get
> your bundles/CQs/IPlog entries in order before then.  Why delay?  Do it
> Questions and comments to this list please.
> Jeff
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