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  • Re: [messaging-dev] [jakartaee-platform-dev] Which Specification teams plan to move their TCK tests out of the Platform TCK project?, David Blevins
  • [messaging-dev] Will there be a staged Jakarta Messaging 3.1 SPEC API release candidate jar available soon?, Scott Marlow
  • [messaging-dev] [MessageListenerAsSelector] How about passing a MessageListener as the selector?, Ed Burns
  • [messaging-dev] How about default methods on CompletionListener?, Ed Burns
  • [messaging-dev] Meaning of release date for 3.1.0?, Ed Burns
  • [messaging-dev] Do you plan to move your TCK tests out of the Platform TCK project for Jakarta EE 10+?, Scott Marlow
  • [messaging-dev] Meeting minutes from 16th June 2021, Ondro Mihályi
  • [messaging-dev] A call about new features tomorrow, Ondro Mihályi
  • [messaging-dev] A call to discuss the new features in the next versions of the Messaging spec, Ondro Mihályi
  • [messaging-dev] An Attempt at Triaging Issues, Reza Rahman
  • Welcome to messaging-dev, portal on behalf of emo

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