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Re: [messaging-dev] [openmq-dev] Releasing Messaging 3.1
  • From: Ondrej Mihályi <ondrej.mihalyi@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 2 Mar 2022 15:34:54 +0000
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  • Thread-topic: [messaging-dev] [openmq-dev] Releasing Messaging 3.1

Hi, Piotrek, thank you very much for your update (and corrections to my email).

I see that the staged TCK has been updated and OpenMQ 6.3.0-M3 now passes the TCK with the latest Jenkins job run

Once the RC is out, do you want to submit a certification request issue against the Messaging repo? Similar to what I did for GlassFish:

In order to pass the standalone Messaging certification, it's enough to run the standalone Messaging TCK against it, which only contains Java SE tests. The EE portion of the tests are still executed within the Jakarta Platform TCK as the Messaging tests haven't been moved to the Messaging project yet. They will be executed against Jakarta EE 10 CI (e.g. GlassFish 7).

Kind regards,

Ondrej Mihályi

Senior Payara Service Engineer
Payara - Supported Enterprise Software for Jakarta EE and MicroProfile Applications
US: +1 415 523 0175 | UK: +44 207 754 0481


Payara is a proud recipient of the prestigious Queen's Award for Enterprise: International Trade 2021

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Date: st 2. 3. 2022 o 13:02
Subject: Re: [messaging-dev] [openmq-dev] Releasing Messaging 3.1
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On Wed, 2 Mar 2022 at 12:09, Ondrej Mihályi <ondrej.mihalyi@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> OpenMQ
> Upgraded Messaging to 3.1 (
> this should pass the signature tests
> I think that the JMS metadata still needs to be updated for ConnectionMetaData (I think in the ConnectionMetaDataAdapter)

It was updated in above PR 1398, and is included in M3 build.

> this should then pass all the metadata tests

It does indeed:
the only failure was for signatures, as the TCK used:

*** Name:
*** Bundle Copied to URL:
*** Date and size: date: 2022-03-01 04:25:22.000000000 +0000, size(b):
14166201        ***
*** SHA256SUM: 0f3fc1ac079b495e06e56a68df377f1d91274dcb33bf4239e3abd9163d1dd73d

had no signatures updated yet.

> A new version of OpenMQ should be released to act as a CI for Messaging

I plan to do RC shortly. I suppose it will be almost identical to the
M3, but at this moment I'm not sure.

> Currently, the only role of GlassFish is to act as the CI because I think that the TCK Jenkins job runs against the OpenMQ bundled in GlassFish. If we can pass the TCK with plain OpenMQ, then we don't need GlassFish for releasing Messaging 3.1

I think for OpenMQ to be tested for CI - it's fine to pass 904 standalone tests.
I don't know if that's ok for Messaging Spec to have 2k+ EE tests
skipped. Maybe it is.

> Needs to upgrade OpenMQ after a new OpenMQ version is released

The latest OpenMQ with Messaging 3.1 has been integrated into GF

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