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Re: [messaging-dev] [glassfish-dev] [openmq-dev] Releasing Messaging 3.1

Removed openmq-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx as I am not subscribed...

It does indeed:
the only failure was for signatures, as the TCK used:

***                        TCK bundle information                               ***
*** Name:                                     ***
*** Bundle Copied to URL: ***
*** Date and size: date: 2022-03-02 12:07:01.000000000 +0000, size(b): 14166276        ***
*** SHA256SUM: d1f745aa2a070d24c73d24fc78b99493444ede8cc5b8549428a415ef77f41881 ***
***                                                                             ***
So running tests again with latest should see improvment due to signature test changes merged in this morning.

> Currently, the only role of GlassFish is to act as the CI because I think that the TCK Jenkins job runs against the OpenMQ bundled in GlassFish. If we can pass the TCK with plain OpenMQ, then we don't need GlassFish for releasing Messaging 3.1

I think for OpenMQ to be tested for CI - it's fine to pass 904 standalone tests.

+1 as long as all standalone tests are passing.

I don't know if that's ok for Messaging Spec to have 2k+ EE tests
skipped. Maybe it is.

The 2k+ EE tests for Messaging Spec aren't in the Standalone Messaging TCK.  They are only in the Platform TCK.


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