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[messaging-dev] Update Jakarta Messaging 3.1 page

Hello team,

The specification committee asked me to follow up with you in order to get the Jakarta Messaging 3.1 page updated.

It's still showing Draft even though the ballot is completed. We don't need to re-ballot, but it would be great to PR the project to perform some updates.

A lot of projects have been able to extract the TCK from the Jakarta Platform project. Did you end up doing it also? It looks like no, but we would need a confirmation and probably make it clear on the summary page. If so, please make sure to also create an issue to fix it for the maintenance release. If it was done, it definitely needs to be added.

From the change log, it looks like aside from some minor changes, it was mainly clean up. A while back, there were a lot of ideas and interest in getting the specification updated and simplified. Is it something still planned or being discussed?

Can you guys acknowledge the request and tell me if that is possible or not?
Also, if you guys need some help, I'm available to help as much as I can. For instance, I can do the boiler plate to create the PR, but I would at least need the input.

Thank you all.

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