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  • [jaspic-dev] Problems with "Jakarta Authentication Specification v. 3.0" repository., Dmitri Cerkas
  • [jaspic-dev] Additional step to run Glassfish old-tck, Darran Lofthouse
  • [jaspic-dev] Running old-tck, Darran Lofthouse
  • [jaspic-dev] Jakarta Authentication TCK 3.0.1 staged, arjan tijms
  • [jaspic-dev] Vendor Implementation TCK Expectations, Darran Lofthouse
  • [jaspic-dev] Jakarta Authentication TCK Build Error, Darran Lofthouse
  • [jaspic-dev] VI Running Authentication TCK, Darran Lofthouse
  • [jaspic-dev] AuthConfigFactory - registerServerAuthModule - Override or Replacement, Darran Lofthouse
  • [jaspic-dev] AuthConfigFactory - New Method Error Handling, Darran Lofthouse
  • [jaspic-dev] Jakarta Authentication TCK, arjan tijms
  • [jaspic-dev] PMC Approval required for Committer Election for Darran Lofthouse on Jakarta Authentication, emo
  • [jaspic-dev] Jakarta Authentication, Authorization and CDI, Darran Lofthouse
  • [jaspic-dev] question about content of upcoming jakarta security specs, Gary R Picher
  • [jaspic-dev] Committer Election for Darran Lofthouse on Jakarta Authentication has started, emo
  • [jaspic-dev] registerServerAuthModule, arjan tijms
  • [jaspic-dev] Remove usage of permissions, arjan tijms
  • [jaspic-dev] Changes for Jakarta Authentication 3.0, arjan tijms
  • [jaspic-dev] Migrating repos to, David Blevins
  • [jaspic-dev] Please give feedback on, Scott Marlow
  • [jaspic-dev] Jakarta Authentication 3.0 Plan Review created, arjan tijms
  • [jaspic-dev] Please review Jakarta EE Authentication TCK contents and approve promotion issue, Ed Bratt
  • [jaspic-dev] TCK fixes with TSSV Logger, Jean-Louis Monteiro
  • [jaspic-dev] Promote staged artifacts after successful ballot, Jean-Louis Monteiro
  • [jaspic-dev] Proposed final spec document for Authentication 2.0, arjan tijms
  • [jaspic-dev] Authentication 2.0.0 jar staged, arjan tijms
  • [jaspic-dev] Jakarta Authentication API RC2 using new coordinates staged, arjan tijms
  • [jaspic-dev] Add missing generics to API, arjan tijms
  • [jaspic-dev] Start renaming the java package to jakarta*?, arjan tijms
  • [jaspic-dev] Jakarta Authentication 1.1.3 is available in maven central, arjan tijms
  • [jaspic-dev] Proposal for EE4J compatible implementation of Jakarta Authentication, arjan tijms
  • [jaspic-dev] About to release JASPIC 1.1.2, arjan tijms
  • [jaspic-dev] Option to be involed with the JASPIC EE4j Project, Darran Lofthouse
  • [jaspic-dev] Jakarta EE Community Interview for CodeOne/EclipseCon, David Blevins
  • Welcome to jaspic-dev, portal on behalf of emo

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