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2006 Candidate:
Tim Wagner

Sr. Manager, BEA Workshop

Nominee for committer representative

My primary Eclipse role is in the Web Tools Platform (WTP) Project, where I serve as PMC lead. During my tenure with WTP we've had two major and one minor releases, including our 1.0 ship and first API declarations. My goals for WTP are to ensure a quality platform and highly usable tools, with a short term focus on stability, reliability, and performance. Due to my WTP role, I also evangelize (in print and online forums) for WTP and Eclipse as a whole.

I also represent BEA on the Eclipse Architecture and Planning Councils, and am an alternative representative to the Requirements Council. For the upcoming Eclipse Conference in Santa Clara I serve as program chair.

email:  twagner at


In the course of my work with WTP and BEA, I've been involved in a number of issues of concern to committers: services (and service levels) available from the Eclipse Foundation infrastructure, IP policies and their application, the Eclipse development process, and collaboration within and across Eclipse projects, including outreach to developers beyond just those with corporate affiliation. I believe there are several topics that require additional attention to continue growing and improving the developer and committer community: ensuring that contributions from individuals can be effectively absorbed by the projects, addressing the "silos" that tend to form around projects (especially the large, established ones), and continuing to ensure that we're providing committers with all the tools necessary to accomplish their jobs - especially communication and build infrastructure.

About the Candidate

As a graduate student at UC Berkeley, my PhD research focused on the integration of compiler technologies with IDEs. My professional career includes working for Borland, BEA, Amazon, and an XQuery-based data integration startup, Nimble Technology. Improving and expanding IDE technologies and simplifying the task of authoring complex apps (J2EE and otherwise) continues to be a focus of my professional career. I hold a number of patents in the areas of IDEs, database integration, and language analysis.


BEA Systems provides award-winning solutions for application development with its WebLogic Platform and a broad range of SOA solutions with its AquaLogic products. Within BEA I manage the Workshop team responsible for Eclipse integration with WTP and JDT.

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