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2006 Candidate:
Jochen Krause

Managing Director, Innoopract

Nominee for sustaining member representative

Jochen is a member of the Webtools Project PMC and an active promoter of Eclipse in Europe

email:  jochen.krause at


My vision for Eclipse:

Making Eclipse a long-term success based on a broad community and a successful ecosystem. Eclipse is a fantastic success story built on great technology and Open Source - and as well on the broad number of large and small companies that support it. It will be pivotal for the long term success of Eclipse to foster business adoption as well as technological excellence. We need to be agile not only on the development side, but as well in steadily improving the Eclipse Foundation and the ecosystem.

My three most important objectives:

  • Building the Ecosystem: strive for providing more value to membership (e.g. market data, member section on Help to develop better networking and collaboration between members. Engage with members to provide success stories, use cases.
  • Represent and promote the business interests of the Add-In Providers at the board, most of them small to medium sized companies
  • Leverage an European based board representation to help add-in providers in an successful and rapidly growing European market.
  • Please contact me if you have any questions.

About the Candidate

As Founder and President of Innoopract, a recognized specialist in Eclipse distribution and visual web application development tools, Jochen has been pivotal for Innoopract's success in the Eclipse market. Jochen works closely with European fortune 500 companies to help them evaluate Eclipse and develop their strategies for basing their tool and / or application strategies on Eclipse. Over the last several years of helping these enterprises, he has gained a deep understanding of the opportunities and difficulties with Eclipse tool and service offerings, and the needs for effective distribution channels and promotion.

Since Innoopract joined the Eclipse foundation in June of 2003, Jochen has played an active role in furthering the goals of the consortium and then the Foundation. He is a member of the Web Tools PMC, was a member of the Independent Entity Committee, has been a driving force behind promoting Eclipse in Europe, is a frequent speaker at events as well as regular author of articles on Eclipse and Eclipse projects.

Innoopract's company strategy is entirely focused on Eclipse. The company offers an Eclipse distribution, Eclipse-based tools for Rich Internet applications, Eclipse consulting, Eclipse implementation, support and training. Innoopract is recognized as the leading provider of Eclipse services and consulting in Germany.

Jochen holds a degree in industrial engineering from the University of Karlsruhe, Germany and has an extensive business and technology background. He has been a successful entrepreneur in the software development space for 14 years.


Innoopract is a software and service company that helps developers and corporations make the most of their investment in development tools and platforms - based on Eclipse. The company was among the first Eclipse members in Europe and is a founding member of the Eclipse foundation. Innoopract provides products and services for the effective adoption of Eclipse in the Enterprise. Well known Innoopract tools are W4T and Yoxos - the Eclipse distribution.

Innoopract is a member of the EclipsePluginCentral Alliance, providing a useful service to the Eclipse Eco-System:

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