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Eclipse Foundation Board of Directors

Chris Aniszczyk Elected Committer Representative

Chris is a software architect by trade with a passion for software evangelism, open source, and building communities. At Twitter, he's responsible for creating their open source program office and managing their open source efforts. He sits on the Eclipse Architecture Council and on the Eclipse Technology PMC. In a previous life, he led and hacked on many and linux related projects. In his spare time, you'll find him doing yoga, writing, running or cycling. You can read his blog or find him tweeting via @cra.

Pradeep Balachandran IBM

Pradeep is Program Director for Eclipse Strategy and Development in IBM. Prior to this he was leading the Rational Software Development organization in IBM India. He has been in IBM Software division since 1995 via Rational Software acquisition and has an overall industry experience of 23 years in Software Engineering Tools development. He setup the first Eclipse open source development lab east of Europe, in Bangalore in 2008. In the course his career at Rational and IBM, he has built and led various product development teams, including products in the IBM Rational Collaborative Life-cycle Management (CLM) solution built on IBM Rational Jazz platform. He is a regular speaker in Conferences on Agile, DevOps, Open Source and Software Engineering. He is also actively involved in organizing various conferences as a member of the program committee. Pradeep has a Masters in Computer Science & Engineering.

Stefan Ferber Robert Bosch GmbH

Stefan is Vice President for Engineering at Bosch Software Innovations GmbH in Germany – the Bosch Group’s software and systems house with responsibility for the Bosch IoT Suite – Bosch’s open Internet of Things platform.

Since 2005 Stefan is active in OSS starting in the area of automotive tooling with Eclipse IDE and paving the way at Bosch for participating in the Eclipse Automotive IWG. In 2009 Stefan joined the Internet of Things movement and therefore is particularly interested in the Eclipse IoT projects.

Stefan holds a Ph.D. and a diploma degree in Computer Science from the University of Karlsruhe, Germany and a M.S. in Computer Science from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, USA.

Sebastien Gerard CEA LIST

Sébastien Gérard is director of research at CEA and he is leading the LISE laboratory (Laboratory of Model Driven Engineering for Embedded Systems) at CEA LIST. Working on research issues related to complex and critical system and software design for more than 15 years, his research interests include correct-by-construction specification and design of complex systems, model-based engineering of complex systems, and visual modeling language engineering. He is the CEA representative at Object Management Group (OMG) for more than 15 years. In particular, he is the chair of the MARTE standardization task force. He is also leading the open source project, Papyrus, the UML modeling tools of Eclipse.

In 1995, he has a diploma in mechanics and aeronautics from the ENSMA high-school, in 2000 he obtained a PhD diploma in Computer Science from the Evry university and in 2013 he got his “habilitation à diriger des recherches” diploma in the domain of computer science from the Orsay Univiersity.

Mickael Istria Elected Committer Representative

Mickael Istria has been developing and contributing to Eclipse plugins since his first job, and has continued to do so. He currently highly focused on the development of the Eclipse IDE and on increasing the value it delivers to its users. His previous positions revolved more around Eclipse modeling technologies applied to SOA and BPM, which he used in the context of research projects and of software edition. Mickael first tries to care about users. Technology is here to serve humans; it must help without interfering and must require minimal effort from us. So he is very enthousiastic about User eXperience as he work on Eclipse IDE. Mickael is also interested in everything that is related to the techniques of productive software development: release engineering, code quality practices, teamwork… He also have a big crush on augmented reality.

Etienne Juliot OBEO

Etienne Juliot is co-founder and vice president of Obeo, a software editor focused on Model Driven solutions. He is a senior software architect with a strong experience in IT and embedded systems architecture. He is involved in several Eclipse projects (Sirius, Acceleo, EMF Compare, SCA, UML Generators, Mylyn, ...) and is a steering committee member for PolarSys.

Finally, Etienne manages international and strategic collaborations with large companies on system engineering and enterprise architecture needs. Follow @ejuliot on Twitter.

Dennis Leung Oracle

Dennis Leung is Vice-President of Development for Oracle Fusion Middleware, leading the development teams for the award-winning Oracle TopLink product, Eclipse Dali, and EclipseLink projects. Dennis has been involved in providing enterprise data solutions for over 14 years and also has a background in telecommunications. He holds a bachelor's degree in computer science from the University of British Columbia and a Master of Business Administration from Queens University.

Paul Lipton CA Technologies

Paul Lipton is an Advisor and Senior Architect in CA where he leads the CA Industry Standards and Open Source Program in the Office of the CTO. Paul has been an architect and developer of enterprise systems for over 20 years. He has also participated in many standards organizations including OASIS and the W3C, and serves on the Board of Directors of the DMTF.

Paul is a founding member of the CA Council for Technical Excellence, where he chairs the Emerging Technology Committee and also leads a project focused on leveraging Web 2.0 to improve research collaboration. He is also a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional and a Sun Java Champion. Paul is a highly sought-after author and speaker, and has shared his knowledge with appreciative audiences around the world covering topics such as industry standards, SOA, open source, technical innovation, enterprise architecture, social computing, virtualization, Web services, management/security, governance, autonomic computing, Web 2.0 and many other emerging technologies.

Ed Merks Elected Committer Representative

Ed Merks leads the Eclipse Modeling Framework project and co-leads the Eclipse Modeling project along with Rich Gronback from Borland.  He is a coauthor of the authoritative book EMF: Eclipse Modeling Framework which is nearing completion of a second edition. He is interested in all aspects of Eclipse modeling and its applications.  He is well recognized for his dedication to the Eclipse community, posting literally thousands of newsgroup answers each year.  He is also an active blogger.  He spent 16 years at IBM, achieving the level of Senior Technical Staff Member after completing his Ph.D. at Simon Fraser Univeristy.  His experience in modeling technology spans 25 years.

Tracy Miranda Elected Sustaining Member Representative

Tracy Miranda is a developer, open source evangelist and veteran of the Eclipse community. She is founder of Kichwa Coders, a consultancy specialising in Eclipse tools for embedded and scientific software. She is also Chair for the Eclipse Science working group. Tracy has a background in electronics system design. She writes for and on tech, open source & diversity.

Wolfgang Neuhaus itemis AG

Wolfgang Neuhaus is a co-founder and member of the board of itemis AG. Previously he was Chief Information Officer (CIO) of Brockhaus AG and headed a team of 80 software developers and consultants.

Wolfgang earned a degree in Computer Science from the University of Dortmund in 1995. He has extensive practical experience in introducing and implementing Model Driven Software Development, which is his core focus. He is a well-known journal-published writer, an IT conference speaker, and is responsible for the company's technical vision and for the cooperation with research institutes.

He also is a member of the strategy committee for software intensive embedded systems of BITKOM.

Max Rydahl Andersen Red Hat, Inc.

Max Rydahl Andersen is leading the development of JBoss Tools and Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio and have several years working with Eclipse from both outside and inside of His main interests for is to keep the Eclipse IDE a viable platform for building desktop based tooling while also getting involved in offering a complementary cloud and web-based tooling offering.

Matthias Sohn SAP SE

Torkild U. Resheim Elected Sustaining Member Representative

Torkild Ulvøy Resheim is a senior software engineer and part owner of Itema, a software consultancy based in Trondheim, Norway. As a contractor and consultant, he has helped companies use a wide range of Eclipse technologies for more than a decade. Most of this time has been spent on solutions for the semiconductor and marine/offshore sectors. Torkild founded the Trondheim Eclipse User Group in 2013 and has been participating in EclipseCon Europe Program Committee for the past few years. He sits on the Eclipse Architecture Council and on the Eclipse Science PMC.

Gunnar Wagenknecht Elected Sustaining Member Representative

Gunnar Wagenknecht is a software specialist at Salesforce. In his past career he lead Open Source programs, managed engineering teams, worked on great products, and architected and managed the operation of a distributed, multi-tenant SaaS platform serving millions of transactions each day.

He also is a prolific contributor with many years of experience in the Eclipse Open Source Community where he has been awarded with the Lifetime Contribution Award.

Apart from software and computers he loves chatting about travel, fishing, DIY projects and other things that matters.

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