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Eclipse Foundation Councils

As defined by the Eclipse Development Process, the open source projects in Eclipse are guided and co-ordinated by two Councils:

  • Planning: The Planning Council is responsible for establishing a coordinated Platform Release Plan that supports the Roadmap, and balances the many competing requirements. The Platform Release Plan describes the themes and priorities that focus these Releases, and orchestrates the dependencies among Project Plans.
  • Architecture: The Architecture Council is responsible for (i) monitoring, guiding, and influencing the software architectures used by Projects, (ii) new project mentoring, and (iii) maintaining and revising the Eclipse Development Process subject to the approval of the Board. More explanation of the Architecture Council can be found in the Eclipse Development Process and in the guidelines and checklists for the Architecture Council.

Planning council

Mikael BarberoEclipse Foundationappointed
Melanie Bats*OBEOStrategic Developer
Wayne BeatonEclipse Foundationappointed
Nick BoldtRed Hat, Inc.Strategic Developer
Chuck Bridgham Webtools PMC
Sopot CelaRed Hat, Inc.appointed
Stefan Daume appointed
Sam Davis Mylyn PMC
Neil HaugeOracleStrategic Developer
Markus KnauerInnoopract GmbHappointed
Alexander Kurtakov Tools PMC
Martin Lippert Ecd PMC
Dani Megert Eclipse PMC
Stephan MerkerSAP SEStrategic Developer
Ed Merks Modeling PMC
Mike MilinkovichEclipse Foundationappointed
Adrian Mos Soa PMC
Brian Payton Tools.datatools PMC
Gunnar Wagenknecht Technology PMC
Thomas WatsonIBMStrategic Developer
David Williams* appointed
Gary Xue Birt PMC

Architecture council

Architecture Council members and the projects they are mentoring.

Chris Aniszczyk appointed (2008)
Mentor for: iot.californium, locationtech.libspatialindex, locationtech.sfcurve,, rt.rap.incubator, rt.vertx, science.chemclipse, science.dawnsci, technology.gef3d, technology.skalli, technology.uomo, tools.thym
John Arthorne appointed (2007)
Mentor for: ecd.flux, rt.vertx, soa.winery, technology.cbi
Mikael BarberoEclipse Foundationappointed (2016)
Mentor for: ee4j.yasson, technology.tea
Melanie BatsOBEOStrategic Developer
Wayne BeatonEclipse Foundationappointed (2007)
Mentor for:,, ee4j.ejb, ee4j.el,, ee4j.glassfish, ee4j.grizzly, ee4j.interceptors, ee4j.jacc, ee4j.jakartaee-stable, ee4j.jakartaee-tck, ee4j.jaspic, ee4j.javamail, ee4j.jaxb-impl, ee4j.jaxrs, ee4j.jca, ee4j.jersey, ee4j.jms, ee4j.jsonb, ee4j.jsonp, ee4j.jsp, ee4j.jstl, ee4j.jta, ee4j.krazo, ee4j.mojarra, ee4j.openmq, ee4j.servlet, ee4j.soteria, ee4j.tyrus, ee4j.websocket, iot.californium, iot.fog05, iot.hawkbit, iot.hono, iot.ignite, iot.risev2g, iot.tinydtls, iot.volttron, locationtech.geobench, locationtech.geowave, locationtech.jts, locationtech.libspatialindex, locationtech.udig, polarsys.polarsys.arcon, polarsys.polarsys.eplmp, polarsys.polarsys.esf, polarsys.polarsys.opencert, science.richbeans, science.triquetrum, technology.iottestware, technology.jnosql, technology.microprofile, technology.simopenpass, technology.sisu, technology.sw360.antenna, tools.damos, webtools.glassfish-tools
Jay BillingsOak Ridge National Laboratoryappointed (2016)
Mentor for: science.eavp, science.january, science.scanning, science.statet, science.texlipse, technology.apogy, technology.systemfocus
Boris BokowskiGoogle Inc.appointed (2007)
Chuck Bridgham Webtools PMC
Marcel BruchCodetrailsappointed (2013)
Mentor for: ecd.che, science.dawnsci,, science.richbeans, technology.ease, technology.package-drone, technology.rdf4j, technology.scava
Ian BullEclipseSource (See Innoopract)appointed (2012)
Mentor for: iot.ponte, rt.ebr, technology.n4js
Benjamin CabeEclipse Foundationappointed (2012)
Mentor for: iot.concierge, iot.hono, iot.ignite, iot.kapua, iot.leshan, iot.om2m, iot.ponte, iot.smarthome, iot.tinydtls, iot.unide, iot.wakaama, locationtech.udig, polarsys.polarsys.3p, technology.mbeddr
Christian Campocompeople AGappointed (2011)
David Carver appointed (2008)
Linda Chan appointed (2008)
Oliver ColeOC Systemsappointed (2008)
Adrian ColyerPivotal Software, Inc.appointed (2007)
Naci Daieteration A.S.appointed (2007)
Mentor for: iot.ditto, polarsys.polarsys.pop, technology.ogee
John Duimovich Tools PMC
Mentor for: iot.concierge, technology.microprofile
Gorkem ErcanRed Hat, Inc.appointed (2018)
Sebastien GerardCEA LISTappointed (2015)
Mentor for: modeling.efm
John GrahamRed Hat, Inc.appointed (2008)
Jonah GrahamKichwa Coders Ltdappointed (2018)
Ivar Grimstad appointed (2018)
Mentor for: ee4j.jakartaee-platform, ee4j.jakartaee-stable, ee4j.jaspic, ee4j.jaxb-impl, ee4j.metro
Neil HaugeOracleappointed (2007)
Jonas HelmingInnoopract GmbHappointed (2013)
Mentor for: iot.vorto, modeling.gendoc, modeling.papyrus-rt, polarsys.polarsys.chess, polarsys.polarsys.cotsaq, polarsys.polarsys.reqcycle, science.triquetrum, technology.elogbook, technology.openk-platform, technology.openk-usermodules
Stephan Herrmann appointed (2017)
Kai HudallaRobert Bosch GmbHappointed (2018)
Mentor for: iot.tahu
Jim Hughes Locationtech PMC
Mentor for: iot.kuksa, locationtech.geobench, locationtech.geoperil, locationtech.proj4j, locationtech.rasterframes
Kenn Hussey appointed (2010)
Mentor for: modeling.elk, modeling.mdht, modeling.mdt.rmf, modeling.papyrus-rt, modeling.upr, polarsys.polarsys.esf
Mickael Istria - Away Until July 30thRed Hat, Inc.appointed (2016)
Mentor for: technology.tm4e
Emily JiangIBMappointed (2018)
Jeff JohnstonRed Hat, Inc.appointed (2018)
Markus KnauerInnoopract GmbHappointed (2008)
Mentor for: ecd.dirigible, rt.rap.incubator, technology.camf, technology.package-drone
Maximilian KoegelEclipseSource (See Innoopract)appointed (2013)
Mentor for: ecd.flux, iot.hawkbit, iot.risev2g, modeling.papyrus-xtuml, polarsys.polarsys.chess,, technology.camf
Bernd Kolbitemis AGappointed (2013)
Mentor for: modeling.emft, technology.app4mc, technology.skalli, technology.tycho
Konstantin Komissarchik appointed (2014)
Mentor for: modeling.efm, webtools.glassfish-tools
Dmitry KornilovOracleappointed (2018)
Mentor for: ee4j.ejb, ee4j.interceptors, ee4j.jakartaee-tck, ee4j.jaxb, ee4j.jaxws, ee4j.jca, ee4j.jpa, ee4j.orb
Alexander KurtakovRed Hat, Inc.appointed (2015)
Mentor for: science.statet
Benoit Langlois Polarsys.polarsys PMC
Mentor for: modeling.capra, modeling.gemoc, modeling.pmf, polarsys.polarsys.cotsaq, polarsys.polarsys.libims, polarsys.polarsys.reqcycle, polarsys.polarsys.rover, polarsys.polarsys.time4sys
Martin LippertPivotal Software, Inc.appointed (2015)
Achim LoerkeBREDEX GmbHStrategic Developer
Mentor for: iot.eclipsescada, iot.mosquitto
Jesse McConnell appointed (2018)
Dani MegertIBMappointed (2015)
Ed Merks appointed (2007)
Mentor for: iot.4diac, modeling.eatop, modeling.emf.diffmerge, modeling.emft, modeling.fmc, modeling.hawk, modeling.mdht, modeling.mdt.rmf, modeling.pmf, modeling.tmf, technology.gef3d, technology.n4js, technology.ogee, technology.osbp
Mike MilinkovichEclipse Foundationappointed (2006)
Mentor for: eclipse.e4, ee4j.grizzly, ee4j.jaxrs, ee4j.jersey, ee4j.jms, ee4j.jsonp, ee4j.krazo, ee4j.mojarra, ee4j.openmq, ee4j.tyrus, ee4j.websocket, iot.smarthome, technology.deeplearning4j
Tracy MirandaKichwa Coders Ltdappointed (2017)
Kim Moir appointed (2010)
Adrian Mos Soa PMC
Philippe MuletIBMappointed (2007)
Ingo Muschenetz appointed (2007)
Nikhil NanivadekarGoldman Sachs Group, Inc.appointed (2018)
Steve NorthoverIBMappointed (2007)
Martin Oberhuber* appointed (2008)
Mentor for: iot.eclipsescada, iot.wakaama, technology.rtsc, tools.damos
Brian Payton Tools.datatools PMC
Steffen Pingel Mylyn PMC
Mentor for: mylyn.context.mft,, science.chemclipse, soa.winery
Pascal RapicaultRAPICORPappointed (2015)
Mentor for: iot.agail, iot.edje, iot.fog05, iot.iofog, iot.mita, iot.thingweb, iot.whiskers, technology.apogy, technology.bridgeiot, technology.sensinact, technology.sw360
Jens ReimannRed Hat, Inc.appointed (2017)
Mentor for: iot.hip, iot.keyple, iot.volttron
Denis RoyEclipse Foundationappointed (2013)
Mentor for: iot.om2m
Max Rydahl AndersenRed Hat, Inc.Strategic Developer
Mentor for: technology.ceylon, tools.andmore
Doug SchaeferQNX Software Systemsappointed (2007)
Mentor for: iot.mosquitto, technology.mbeddr, tools.andmore, tools.corrosion, tools.thym, tools.wildwebdeveloper
Michael Scharf appointed (2007)
Mentor for: polarsys.polarsys.arcon, polarsys.polarsys.pop
Thomas SchindlBestSolutionappointed (2008)
Mentor for: technology.openk-platform
Matthias SohnSAP SEappointed (2015)
Mentor for: iot.cyclonedds
Eike Stepper appointed (2012)
Mentor for: iot.4diac, modeling.eatop, modeling.elk, modeling.fmc, technology.ease, technology.osbp
Krum TsvetkovSAP SEStrategic Developer
Mentor for: locationtech.geowave
Torkild U. ResheimItema ASappointed (2017)
Mentor for: science.swtchart
Julien Vermillard Iot PMC
Mentor for: iot.kapua, iot.keti, iot.milo
Julien VietRed Hat, Inc.appointed (2018)
Lars Vogelvogella GmbHappointed (2015)
Mentor for: technology.reddeer, tools.corrosion
Gunnar Wagenknecht*, Inc.appointed (2018)
Mentor for: ecd.theia, ee4j.jaxrs, ee4j.jersey, iot.leshan, iot.vorto, locationtech.jts, locationtech.sfcurve, technology.cbi, technology.rdf4j, technology.uomo, tools.lsphub
Thomas WatsonIBMappointed (2008)
Mentor for: rt.ebr
David Williams appointed (2007)
Mentor for: technology.omr, webtools.incubator
Mike WilsonIBMappointed (2007)
Mentor for: technology.omr
Gary XueOpenText Analyticsappointed (2007)
Mentor for: rt.apricot

* chair

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