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2006 Candidate:
Scott Lewis

Software Engineer

Nominee for committer representative

2005 committer representative on the Board of Directors.
Project lead for Eclipse Communication Framework

email:  slewis at


As the 2005 committer Board representative I have worked to:
  1. Improve the communication and teamwork effectiveness across all Eclipse Foundation projects
  2. Advocate for and implement improved Foundation infrastructure and process
  3. Represent at the Board level the needs of the committers from both small and large EF projects

If re-elected for 2006, I will redouble my efforts in these three areas, particularly by supporting the distributed teamwork and communication needs of the Eclipse committer community.

I believe the ECF project provides an opportunity to support the Eclipse community's communications needs with systems created fully in the spirit of Eclipse: open (both software and protocol), extensible, interoperable, and integrated.

About the Candidate

Dr. Scott Lewis has been a professional software engineer and architect for 18 years at workplaces such as AT&T Bell Laboratories, Intel Architecture Laboratories, and software startups of his own and other's creation. Although interested in several technical areas, he's most interested in communications and distributed systems design and implementation. He's the author of academic as well as professional articles, and would love to write a book on ECF in the coming year. Scott is passionate about making Eclipse/Eclipse RCP an open platform for integrated and interoperable communications applications.


Principal at Composent, Inc. Software Architect at Cayuse, Inc.

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