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2006 Candidate:
Wenfeng Li

Vice President of Product Development, Actuate Corporation

Nominee for committer representative

PMC Lead for the Eclipse BIRT Project

email:  wli at


As Eclipse becomes more and more successful, many additional projects are being proposed or created every month. The number and diversity of committers has also increased dramatically. Many committers find it difficult to keep up with the changes in the community. There isn't enough time to read all the new project proposals, nor enough time to learn what is happening in other projects, and as a result, committers find it difficult to interact or engage in in-depth discussion with their counterparts on other projects. I would like to work to improve the exchange and flow of information between committers on different projects to build a better sense of community. In addition, I would like to provide assistance to represent the concern and needs from the large (and growing) population of Eclipse committers in Asia.

About the Candidate

Wenfeng Li became an Eclipse committer in 2004. He currently serves as the PMC lead for the Eclipse BIRT project, responsible for architecture and planning. Wenfeng is also a VP of development at Actuate Cooperation, where he led the development of Actuate's enterprise reporting product suite. Prior to that, he was an architect and development manager at MicroStrategy, where he was responsible for the development of its version 7 Intelligence Server. He is a co-inventor of three patents in business intelligence technology, and received his bachelor degree in computer science from Tsinghua University in Beijing, China and his masters degree from University of Maryland at College Park.


Actuate Corporation

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