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Open Source Program Offices

Managing Open Source for Your Organisation

Open Source Program Offices (OSPO) promote the structured and professional management of open source by companies and administrations.

The Eclipse Foundation, along with a coalition of leading European open source non-profit organisations, created the OSPO Alliance, an open community that brings and shares guidance to organisations willing to professionally manage the usage, contribution to, and publication of open source software.

The OSPO Alliance offers a comprehensive set of resources for corporations, public institutions, and research and academic organisations, including:

  • The Good Governance Initiative (GGI): a methodological framework to assess and improve open-source trust, awareness and strategy within organisations.
  • The OSPO OnRamp meeting series: an open, neutral, and friendly forum, a low-threshold entry point to exchange and learn about the basics of how to set up an Open Source Program Office and get started with open source.

The Eclipse Foundation is a leading contributor to the Alliance, and actively participates in its various task forces. Additionally, we provide consulting services around OSPOs. Please contact us if you need our experts to help in implementing your winning open source strategy based on the material from the OSPO Alliance.

Learn more about the OSPO Alliance and how it helps OSPOs around the world to connect.

OSPO Alliance

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