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2006 Candidate:
Gunnar Wagenknecht

Software Engineer

Nominee for committer representative

Platform UI Committer, EclipseCon 2006 PC Member, Plug-in Developer

email:  gunnar at


If I would be elected as your representative I'd like to actively participate in this role and take care that your requests and opinions are well recognized and presented in the Eclipse Board of Directors.

In my current job I'm also a member of a Project Management Circle and responsible for analyzing and reviewing established development processes and tools. One goal of this circle is to harmonize the different tools, isolated applications and isolated processes grown over years in different teams and departments. Based on the experiences gathered in this circle and my background in software development processes and developing and contributing to Eclipse I'd like to start a review of the tools involved into your daily work and hosted by the Eclipse Foundation.

I don't want to rapidly change any tools or underlying processes. I want to collect your pain and discuss any issues you have with the tools or the processes with you and the board. If possible and desirable there will be a smooth evolution of existing and well established tools. For example, I recently opened bug 121703 ( to start a discussion about the Bugzilla customization strategy. And if there is a need for a new tool, I'll make sure that you will get the best tool available that integrates as smart as possible in your daily work.

My work will be transparent and open for you. I'll will blog about my activities and inform you about results and points we discussed.

About the Candidate

I'm a Software Engineer living in Germany. My experiences range from creating business applications, e-commerce web applications and software development tools till interacting with business partners and senior management and building and shipping commercial software products.

I like fishing, diving, family and a good beer or a fine glass of red wine. Enjoy my blog at


My current employer was one of the early adopters developing a complete development environment based on Eclipse. I was responsible for the technical leadership of this development environment. We developed a lot extensions and successfully adopted Eclipse from version 2.0 till the latest 3.2 milestones.

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