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  • Re: [p2-dev] Repository Update Looping, (continued)
  • [p2-dev] p2.inf in p2 repository (was Re: Incorrect coded p2.inf), Craig Ching
  • [p2-dev] Incorrect coded p2.inf, Samuel Wu
  • [p2-dev] How to update from a password protected repository?, Samuel Wu
  • [p2-dev] Is it possible to install a feature into an RCP app at build time?, Trace Windham
  • Re: [p2-dev] Problem to generate plugins in format p2, Hammed Mohamed
  • [p2-dev] product builds, Scott Lewis
  • [p2-dev] httpclient4-based file transfer provider, Scott Lewis
  • [p2-dev] I surrender, Chip Downs
  • [p2-dev] Flood of tags in Equinox Git repositories, Oberlies, Tobias
  • [p2-dev] New phone numbers for Monday equinox/p2 calls, Thomas Watson
  • Re: [p2-dev] Categorising IUs in an existing p2 repo using category.xml, Dileepa Jayakody
  • [p2-dev] Categorising IUs in an existing p2 repo using category.xml, Dileepa Jayakody
  • [p2-dev] replacing default p2 uninstall action, Johannes Michler
  • [p2-dev] error while loading a remote repository using IMetadataRepositoryManager, Dileepa Jayakody
  • [p2-dev] platform IU ranges in a product definition, Cortell John-RAT042
  • [p2-dev] A.PDE.Target.Platform., Markus Knauer
  • [p2-dev] overwrite option for p2 publisher?, Josh Hester
  • [p2-dev] p2/Equinox metting, Ian Bull
  • [p2-dev] A typical use-case, Thomas Hallgren
  • [p2-dev] p2 metadata and old Eclipse 2.x and 3.0 style plugins, Thomas Watson
  • [p2-dev] p2 director not installing dependencies, Jeff Storey
  • [p2-dev] Spoofing P2 profile in shared installations, Krzysztof Daniel
  • [p2-dev] What is the meaning of an optional feature?, David M Williams
  • [p2-dev] Problems downgrading a bundle using SynchronizeOperation, Marcus Wallin
  • [p2-dev] Ian Bull as co-lead, Pascal Rapicault
  • [p2-dev] p2 tagged and Download Status, Ian Bull
  • [p2-dev] Use of jsr14 and Java 7 javac, Thomas Watson

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