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Re: [p2-dev] product builds

Hi Scott.

I'm not a PDE/Build expert, but I was in a similar situation.  The best approach I could come up with, without getting dirty and writing some additional ant logic, was to break the build into 3 builds: one to build features, and then two builds for each product using the results of the first build as an input.  I really didn't want to write ant code.

Rather than do that, I switched my build to Tycho which supports building multiple products as part of the build.  


On 7-May-2012, at 2:02 PM, Scott Lewis wrote:

> Hi p2ers,
> Question:  I have two products (A and B) that are based upon the same set of plugins...i.e. B's required plugins are a strict subset of those required for A.
> I'm successfully using the PDE product build (i.e. productBuild.xml) to build product A.  I would like to create the source plugins for both products in one run...i.e. one compile, one assemble...and then resulting in two products as the output of the build.
> It would be nice to simply run the director twice...i.e. with the two difference products as the top-level IU from the same repo...but I can't figure out how to easily create a repo that contains *both* products...at least with the PDE product build.  Is this possible?   If so, what's the best (read easiest) way to go about it?
> Thanksinadvance,
> Scott
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